Our Fashion Co-operative

Our Fashion Co-operative!

In 2011, the Blue Butterfly's Executive Director, Lauren Yanks, joined a neighborhood women's empowerment meeting. Lauren was deeply impressed with the level of commitment and care the women held for each other. Using donations from women in the US, the Blue Butterfly Foundation helped these Nepalese women purchase sewing machines, fabric and other necessities to start a fashion co-operative with a mission to empower the women and help create self-sufficiency.

A bright and talented young member of the group, Nirmala Magar, took charge of the sewing machines. She taught herself how to sew and began making beautiful clothes for local women. Soon, she began running classes and taught vulnerable girls how to create patterns, work with different kinds of fabric, and create beautiful clothes. In partnership with the Blue Butterfly Foundation, Nirmala now provides the girls with a temporary home and an opportunity for a better life. The project continues to grow, with more vulnerable girls joining each day.

It wasn't long before Nirmala started selling her clothes out of her family's house-her first store! It became very popular among the local population. When Lauren Yanks saw the makeshift store, she knew that it was time to help Nirmala get her clothes out to the world and has helped connect Nirmala to fashion designers around the world.

Since then, Nirmala has trademarked her work. Her line is called "Didi, Bahini" which means "Big Sister, Little Sister" and works in partnership with The Blue Butterfly Foundation. She created the beautiful logo for us:
You can see her beautiful creations and buy some from our Didi Bahini website. 100% of the proceeds go to impoverished populations who have been or are vulnerable to being trafficked and enslaved.

Please visit our Didi Bahini website at:
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