Nepalese Earthquake Relief

Our Children Are In Desperate Need!

A devastating 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal outside the congested city of Kathmandu. The damage is extensive. The death toll at this point is said to be over 2,000, but it will rise considerably over the next few days and weeks. Right now, tens of thousands of people crowd the streets. Hospitals, jam-packed and understaffed on a good day, are overflowing with wounded men, women, and children. Countless children lie on the street outside medical units or hospitals, waiting for care. And there are thousands of people digging in the rubble, working to save those buried alive before it's too late.

The Blue Butterfly Foundation, a New York-based charity, works exclusively in Nepal, helping support two thousand of the country's most impoverished children. We desperately need your help at this time. We seek to raise $30,000 to help our children through this devastation. Your donation will help provide food, shelter, medical care, clothes, blankets, rebuilding materials, school supplies, furniture, and many other needs.

The Blue Butterfly Foundation is a purely volunteer agency, and 100% of your donation goes to those in need.

Please help the beautiful, loving children of Nepal.