Human Rights Advocate Award

The Blue Butterfly Foundation is recognized by New York State and YWCA for its efforts in combating trafficking and child labor.

Human Rights Advocate Award Video

In October 2015, Lauren Yanks was given the Human Rights Advocate award from New York State and YWCA. Please click to watch her acceptance speech. There is a transition in the middle of the video when Lauren begins to tell the story of Zoe Damon, her stepdaughter who passed away in a vehicle accident while studying butterflies in Costa Rica. All the work done by the Blue Butterfly Foundation is in Zoe's honor.

Earthquake Fundraiser

Lauren Yanks, Executive Director of the Blue Butterfly Foundation, speaks at a fundraiser held in Rosendale, New York, after the 7.8 earthquake that devastated Nepal.

Holiday Fundraiser

Lauren Yanks speaks at a fundraiser in New York City in December 2011.

RadioRotary - Lauren Yanks of the Blue Butterfly Foundation

Lauren Yanks speaks to RadioRotary about the work of the Blue Butterfly Foundation and its fight against trafficking and child labor.

Photo,left to right, RadioRotary co-host Jonah Triebwasser, Lauren Yanks and RadioRotary co-host Sarah O'Connell (photo by Kathy Kruger)
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Student Activism

Lauren Yanks, who founded the Blue Butterfly Foundation in honor of her daughter Zoe Damon, visited the school to talk about the charity's work. She asked the students to think about children across the globe who are denied the chance to attend school and are instead forced into physical labor. Despite their young age, Yanks told the students their fundraising will have a huge impact and help victims of child labor. "I'm here to tell you today that you can make a big difference in the world," she said.